JourneyCARE or Wild Apricot (or Both?)

Given that we have so many clients at The Joy of Membership who use Wild Apricot, I've been asked a lot lately if JourneyCARE is a "competitor" of Wild Apricot.

This is a tricky question to answer because they are two very different products.

Wild Apricot is a membership software.

JourneyCARE is member care software.

While this may seem like semantics, the difference is apparent when you explore the products.

Wild Apricot emphasizes membership sign-ups, renewals, event registrations, etc. It is a transactional platform.

JourneyCARE emphasizes CAREpoints and automations. JourneyCARE says, "when a transaction happens, what would you like to do? Would you like to send an email series? Would you like to tag the contact? Would you like to assign someone to do a task?"

In short, the focus in JourneyCARE is on personalizing the member experience and building a journey that nurtures the relationship and makes a member feel like you truly care. The result is faster joins, more enthusiastic engagement, and renewals that happen without hesitation.

Quite frankly, it's the *member care* is sorely missed in *most* membership software today.

In creating the JourneyCARE platform, it was never the intent to shift any of our Wild Apricot clients away from that product. The aim was simply to fill in the gaps and allow our clients to attract, engage, and retain members in the most optimal way for them. Sometimes that's with Wild Apricot, sometimes JourneyCARE, and sometimes through a creative integration of both.

If you have questions about Wild Apricot as it compares to JourneyCARE, download our printable guide which contains a comparison chart and FAQ's - and feel free to schedule a private chat.

8 Specific Scenarios Where JourneyCARE *May* Be a Better Fit

  • If your organization has chapters, you will LOVE the ability that we have in JourneyCARE to instantly replicate an entire account - including the website, funnels, application, all of the automations, email campaigns, etc. This allows a parent organization to provide a turnkey "tech kit" for chapters.
  • If your organization tends to be more "entrepreneurial" or you want to be able to offer a mix of products and services to members and non-members, JourneyCARE gives you virtually unlimited ability to do that. In Wild Apricot, members can only have one membership type. In JourneyCARE, if someone wants to buy twenty different memberships from you, we certainly won't stop them!
  • If educational programs are an important part of what your organization does, JourneyCARE has a built-in course builder that is top-notch. Analytics are available so you can see how your course participants are progressing. Wild Apricot doesn't have course functionality yet (but they've recently indicated that it's on their roadmap to add at some point).
  • This same approach applies to organizations that create significant content through Conferences or other events. You can put that content in JourneyCARE and make it automatically available to everyone who signs up. In Wild Apricot, you can only do this by manually adding people to a group or giving an unsecured link to a hidden page somewhere on your site.
  • If your organization could benefit from having multiple websites - like a main website and a separate site for an annual conference, or special program. In JourneyCARE, you can have unlimited websites in your account.
  • If your organization keeps trimming contacts out of Wild Apricot to avoid moving up to a higher pricing tier - or if you only put your members into Wild Apricot and you put nonmembers into a different system because you don't want to pay for a higher tier, then you may want to look at whether JourneyCARE can get you back to a place of having everything in one system that is your complete source of truth.
  • If you see value in being able to do multi-sequenced marketing campaigns, or multi-sequenced nurture campaigns, JourneyCARE handles that beautifully. In Wild Apricot, you are limited only to the transactional emails. All other emails are single-use only and not able to be continuously automated.
  • If you bundle your membership(s) in unique ways like having people renew their membership at the same time as an event registration, JourneyCARE can handle that all in the same transaction with all of the automations necessary for everything that's included in the bundle. In Wild Apricot, members must do separate payments - or someone has to manually do work to separate out the pieces.

Running your membership shouldn't feel difficult!

Explore how JourneyCARE can streamline your work and make it easy to attract, engage, and retain more members.

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