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Request a 90-Day Discovery Account for Your Organization

Get started risk-free, while bringing instant value to your organization...

Access to a JourneyCARE Account with CAREmap installed within 48 hours

This allows your organization to immediately start benefiting from your JourneyCARE account without delay. All of the components of the CAREmap™ are written for you and automated. Absolutely nothing is needed from the organization except answering a few questions.

Choose from:

  • Member growth

  • Donor growth

  • Sponsor growth

  • Volunteer growth

  • Customer growth

Discovery Training for your Designees

During the 90-Day Discovery period, your organization's designees will also receive access to training on fundamental features and learn how JourneyCARE can make your existing processes easier.

You'll have full access to explore these features in your Discovery Account.

Sessions include:

  • Session 1: Understanding Your Database (the anatomy of a contact record, tags, custom fields, filters, and saved lists)

  • Session 2: Common Workflows (joining, renewing, donating, nurture, scholarship/awards, etc.)

  • Session 3: Building Beautiful Emails (email construction, using templates, sending options, analytics)

  • Session 4: Creating Forms (building, viewing results, creating automated follow-up)

  • Session 5: Posting to Social Media (connecting accounts, creating posts, scheduling)

  • Session 6: Creating a Learning Library or Resource Hub (planning content, setting up, automating access)

  • Session 7: Offering Private Groups (branding, inviting, moderating)

  • Session 8: Working with the Site Editor (structure of a page, working with widgets, adding pages)

  • Session 9: Taking Payments (payment forms, ecommerce, invoicing)

  • Session 10: Automating Agreements (speaker agreements, sponsor agreements)

At the end of 90 days, you'll decide:

  • To keep the software at $97/month or $997/year;

  • To go forward with a bigger implementation which could include custom site design, data migration, more extensive automation, etc. - a quote for this can be provided based on your requirements;

  • Or simply cancel the software with no further obligation.

Sound helpful?

Let's chat and explore the possibilities. There is no charge for the 90-Day Discovery Account, but we do want to ensure that it's a good fit for your organization. You can find a time for a private consultation using the button below.


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