Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in JourneyCARE?

  • UNLIMITED contacts - add ALL of your prospects, members, and other stakeholders
  • UNLIMITED imports and exports - always be in control of your data
  • UNLIMITED websites - build your main site, as well as mini-sites for events, programs, product sales, donor drives, and more!
  • UNLIMITED payment forms - use for selling memberships, events, digital products, courses, etc.
  • UNLIMITED protected content areas - members-only resources, conference presentations, board/committee work zones
  • UNLIMITED forms and surveys - gather input, conduct polls, and take action on what you learn
  • UNLIMITED tasks - track member-related responsibilities
  • UNLIMITED automations - make as much *magic* happen as you'd like
  • UNLIMITED email campaigns - easily design with our drag-n-drop builder
  • UNLIMITED administrators with the ability to control their permissions


  • PRELOADED, CUSTOMIZABLE templates for websites, funnels, forms, emails, and automations
  • Two FREE onboarding sessions with a member of our team
  • OPEN office hours every week where you can bring any questions
  • FRIENDLY support by email, phone, and Zoom

How is JourneyCARE different from software that I'm already using?

There are several core philosophies that make JourneyCARE different from the average membership software.

1) Most membership software is more transactional than relational. Those products work fine for signing up members and tracking renewals. However, there's a LOT of relationship-building that needs to happen in between those transactions. This is a missed opportunity that JourneyCARE allows you to capture. Being able to design personalized CAREpoints into what you do is magical.

2) Most membership software that tries to be all-in-one isn't the 'best' at anything. The generic one-size-fits-all rarely fits any organization perfectly, so you're stuck with something that doesn't feel quite right but you live with it. JourneyCARE is designed in a way that allows your database to be the "source of truth" about what's happening with your members/prospects/donors/etc. while allowing you the flexibility to plug in other tools that can handle your processes exactly as you wish. One of our specialities is helping our clients strategize unique ways to do all the things they want to do. So, if something's on your "I wish my software could..." list, let's chat about it and maybe there's a way to make that wish come true!

3) Most software is - well, *just* software. JourneyCARE is more than that... we're a way of doing business... a way of doing member care. Our aim is to provide the tools, resources and training that mission-focused organizations like yours need to be able to deliver exceptional member care.

There are lots of things that I actually LIKE about my current software... do I *have* to switch everything?

Our philosophy is to keep what's working and ditch what isn't. JourneyCARE can actually run beautifully alongside most member management software, filling in gaps and creating more flexibility in how you serve members.

We can connect with 4,000+ other software platforms through Zapier, Integromat, or through our robust API, so there are LOTS of options for how we can set up JourneyCARE to support your goals.

Start with what is causing the most pain for you and add more to JourneyCARE if/when it makes sense to do so.

Do I have to be a tech wizard to use JourneyCARE?

Absolutely NOT! The software is designed to be visual and intuitive, but if you do require support… you’ll have a few options:

  • Extensive library of walk-through and training videos to show you step-by-step how to achieve what you want - on demand.
  • Email support with me and my team to help you solve slightly trickier problems
  • Open office hours every week where you can bring any of your "how do I?" kinds of questions

All of these solutions come with my “Geek-Free Guarantee” - where you’ll get the answers you need in plain English, NOT high-level “tech-speak” that you need a technology degree to understand.

How many admin users can we have? What sorts of permissions are possible?

There are no limits on the number of administrative users you can have. Permissions are set per user and can be narrowed down to single aspects of functionality.

How much does JourneyCARE cost?

$97 per month or $997 per year - all-inclusive for our "Go Solo" plan. If you prefer to have the system completely set up for you, the one-time set-up fee typically ranges from $4500-$5500 (which can be broken down into payments) depending on the complexity of your situation.

We don't hold back ANYTHING. You'll have access to every tool we have available for one flat-rate price.

Even if you choose to "Go Solo", you'll have access to LOTS of support options that are completely FREE.

Realistically, how long would it take to get up-and-running?

It kind of depends on what you want to do. If you just want to upload your contact list and start sending emails, you can be doing that this week.

If you'd like to design an entirely new website on our platform and have lots of automations built out before you launch, it's going to take a little more time.

Overall, if you give it 30 days, you can make some truly amazing things happen.

Can JourneyCARE do ... fill in the blank here ... ?

One of the reasons why we love JourneyCARE so much is due to its flexibility. If the platform doesn't have something built in, there's a very good chance we can recommend a perfect low-cost/no-cost tool to integrate in.

So, if you'd like to know if JourneyCARE can do something, feel free to click the red button below to set up a Custom Tour/Q&A Session and we can chat about options to do what you're wanting to do. If we don't think that this platform is a good fit, we won't hesitate to tell you that and we'll try to point you to a different resource that may be able to help.

How long is the contract?

We offer month-to-month billing, as well as annual plans. You are not tied into anything longer. If you need to cancel your subscription, the person who is responsible for your organization's payment will be able to do so from our payment portal without any hassle at all.

Running your membership shouldn't feel difficult!

Explore how JourneyCARE can streamline your work and make it easy to attract, engage, and retain more members.

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