How to Get Started

Just 3 steps for a hassle-free transition!

STEP ONE: Schedule a 90-minute Onboarding Zoom

Use the big red button below to find a day/time that works for you. This initial conversation allows us to understand what you're aiming to accomplish and how we can get you to your goal as quickly and hassle-free as possible.

STEP TWO: Review & Approve Your Migration Proposal

After our conversation, we'll create a plan that has specific steps and timelines. There will likely be items that we need from you, as well as tasks that we'll perform behind the scenes.

Depending on the complexity of your situation and the time that you'll have to dedicate to the project, we may recommend that you work with an expert JourneyCARE Guide on set up.

STEP THREE: Migrate as Outlined in the Plan

If the plan looks good to you, we'll move forward on implementation as outlined. Any set-up fees are paid at project start. Your JourneyCARE subscription begins when you've launched.

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