Where is the Return-on-Investment (ROI)?

As you consider implementing JourneyCARE, you may be wondering about whether there can actually be a return on this investment. On this page, you'll find several ways that JourneyCARE can easily pay for itself and even build new revenue for your organization.

#1: By Saving Staff or Volunteer Time

How much is an hour of your staff time worth? One Executive Director recently shared that a single process set up in JourneyCARE had saved her 10 hours of work each month. At her annual salary of approximately $100,000, that was an instant savings of about $500 per month or $6000 per year.

According to Independent Sector.org, the national average value for one hour of a volunteer's time in the United States as of April 2021 was $28.54.

That means that if JourneyCARE saves your organization just 3 hours worth of volunteer time per month with its powerful automation capabilities, the software has paid for itself.

Just as important as the cost savings is the fact that using the software to automate what you can frees staff and volunteers up to focus on higher value contributions.

#2: By Eliminating Other Expenses

If you are currently paying for website hosting, annual security certificates, email software, survey software, donation software, JourneyCARE may be able to eliminate your need for those tools.

#3: By Helping You Add New Members and Increase Average Member Lifetime Value

It doesn't matter how many members you bring into your membership if you lose them after they've joined. JourneyCARE helps you plug these costly leaks, helping you attract new members and keep them with you longer.

#4 By Re-Engaging Neglected Leads, Lapsed Members or Those At-Risk of Dropping, Previous Donors, or Potential Sponsors

Most organizations have people on their list who expressed interest or were engaged at one time, but have fallen out of touch. A well-constructed, strategic re-engagement campaign can warm up these relationships and create a quick financial boost.

#5 By Creating New Revenue through Paid Courses, Certification Programs, Digital Products, etc. Sold through JourneyCARE

JourneyCARE makes it easy to sell professional education, events, digital products, and more. Find just one new thing to sell to your members and your JourneyCARE subscription can pay for itself.

Growing your membership shouldn't feel difficult!

Explore how JourneyCARE® can help your organization save time, while serving members flawlessly.

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