Client Examples

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Chicago Area Business Aviation Association (CABAA)

The Challenge

1) The existing design had become outdated.

2) Admins were repeatedly forced to delete out contacts in order to stay below a certain number that would have triggered a price increase.

3) Needed to be able to replicate the features that members enjoyed while trimming out what wasn't actually used.

4) Had to accommodate memberships that were both organizational (with multiple people tied to same membership) and individual members.


  • Beautiful, mobile-friendly, modern site

  • Unlimited growth capacity at no extra cost

  • Enhanced marketing capabilities

  • Smooth membership processing for all levels

ISSA, Chicago Chapter

The Challenge

1) The chapter had a website design that they liked but wanted to have more control over self-managing content updates.

2) Leadership knew that there were likely member experience improvements that could made and wanted some guidance around what would be possible.


  • Existing website replicated on the JourneyCARE platform

  • Enhanced automations around sponsorship, volunteer signup, etc.

  • Integrated Ticket Tailor for a seamless event registration process, including a mobile app for checking in meeting attendees

Our Civic Commons App


1) Being Better Humans, LLC had a conceptual idea for how their member experience should flow, but had been unable to find any technical solution that would fit.

2) The vision required interactivity between members to work in a very specific way with an approval process occurring in order for pairs, triads, and quad groupings to move through six levels of structured engagement.

3) As a start-up initiative, it was critical that the visual design conveyed credibility and professionalism. As a self-funded initiative that needed time to build a financial base, cost had to be accessible.


Project won 2nd place in the Indy Civic Hackathon just weeks after launch See the video

  • Beautiful, mobile-friendly landing page
  • Unique application processes for organizations, individuals, and community sites
  • Secure online payments
  • Behind-the-scenes automations provides initial access and handles advancing members through six specific levels of the Commons, based on member activity and admin approvals
  • Seamless integration with to provide for more expansive engagement

National Foundation for Danish America


1) NFDA was previously using a software platform that increased in cost as their database grew, which felt unsustainable since paid membership is not their business model.

2) Contact information and other important details were being collected through a variety of disconnected forms. This meant that contacts did not make it into the main communication database unless someone periodically remembered to manually export and import the data from one place to another.

3) NFDA often provides support to local Danish American organizations and there wasn't a separate these initiatives so that data and money would flow to the proper organization.


  • Beautiful new modern website which was quickly implemented
  • Costs do not increase when contacts are added
  • Unlimited integrated forms puts all the important data directly where it needs to be
  • Able to easily sell event tickets and provide other types of support for local organizations with appropriate separation and reporting
  • Beautiful newsletter archive that is search-engine friendly
  • Search engine friendly blog feature amplifies traffic helping more people discover the organization

Imprint Community


1) The Imprint Community had a beautiful design planned for their membership site and intended to launch on WordPress. However, they weren't finding WordPress plugins that matched the member experience they wanted to deliver.

2) Members needed to be migrated over from a variety of Meet-Ups that had historically been offered.

3) Several desired features needed to work together seamlessly but also in a very specific way, including different sign-up processes for different membership levels, acceptance and distribution of job postings, and addition/removal from the online membership community.


  • Was able to create a JourneyCARE site that closely mirrored what their designer had originally created for WordPress
  • Unique sign-up process for free access and paid groups
  • Custom Job submission form automatically posts openings inside the members-only community
  • Behind-the-scenes automations to provide access to specific areas of the Community based on specific group parameters
  • Integration with Ticket Tailor for event registration - when registrations happen, those details are automatically pushed into the JourneyCARE database
  • Integration with with automatic addition/removal as members join or leave

Danish American Heritage Society


1) DAHS operated almost entirely within paper processes for application and renewal. There were no online membership benefits which makes it difficult to attract a younger demographic.

2) Membership and financial data was tracked on a spreadsheet by the organization's treasurer, making it difficult for others in the organization to have a real-time view of what was happening.

3) The organization was faced with shifting its live Conference to be an online event for the first time (due to the COVID-19 pandemic).


  • Modern, mobile-friendly and coordinating websites for their main site, as well as the annual conference
  • The ability to seamlessly bundle membership sign-ups with event registration
  • Behind-the-scenes automations to handle new memberships, renewals, donations, event registrations
  • An approach for the 2021 event that allowed for pre-released content in advance of the live event, and then a protected space for attendees to enjoy presentations and panel discussions together on the day of the event
  • Content library with separate spaces to house members-only content (accessible to members only) and their Conference conference (for event attendees only)

Foot & Nail Institute


1) FNI needed a platform that could support both the membership aspects of their work, as well as the entrepreneurial aspirations. Not only were they finding it difficult to identify the technology that would work the way they desired, but they also struggled to find consulting/advisory services that understood the vision and could move rapidly.

2) The organization had started down the path of building their training programs online, but the process was slow and had not come together as they were expecting.


  • Modern, mobile-friendly website with members-only content protected behind a paywall
  • Courses with quizzes and automations to support engagement as members make progress
  • Automatic creation of completion certificates
  • Easy email marketing for staying in touch with prospects and members
  • Integration with Google My Business, Facebook, and Instagram messaging, so that ALL messages received by the organization from these channels are received and replied to from inside JourneyCARE
  • A "tech kit" was also created that FNI members can purchase which gives them everything they need for launching their foot care businesses, email templates, useful automations. This has created a substantive non-dues revenue line for FNI.

National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts


1) NAME's aging database was custom made in the 1990's and was prone to stability issues.

2) The organization still functions largely on paper for signups, renewals, event registrations, etc. Tracking member participation in local clubs is also predominantly manual.

3) The preference was to have a solution that could run alongside the existing website with the possibility of migrating website functionality in the future.


  • JourneyCARE's unlimited and flexible fields allowed for moving all of the organization's existing data to the new cloud-based platform for better stability and secure access by authorized administrators
  • Extensive automations are used to manage sign-ups and renewals in a way that is highly customized to NAME's operational rules
  • JourneyCARE's ecommerce add-on allows for seamless selling of membership, events, and any kind of product that the association wishes to offer
  • The ecommerce platform also handles donations with automations set up in JourneyCARE to automatically handle donation letters
  • Customized reporting allows for detailed reporting on members by type, club involvement, and regions.

International Christian Network


1) ICN had a vision for their membership platform but had been unable to find a technical solution that would accommodate what they hoped to build

2) The organization wanted to be able to accept payments through more than one payment processor, utilizing modern options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.

3) Showcasing partners was going to be an important part of the approach and the organization needed processes that would feel easy and seamless to the partner organizations.


  • A hybrid model blending JourneyCARE, Wild Apricot, and a custom directory app provided an affordable solution that feels like a high-end custom solution
  • Seamless member sign-up process
  • Process provided for school, ministry, and strategic partners that flows through application, to approval, to joining, and into inclusion into ICN's directory with all of the appropriate automations in place
  • Text-to-Give enabled through JourneyCARE's automation builder and payments are accepted by credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay

University of Texas
Navy ROTC Alumni Foundation

The Challenge

1) The existing design had become outdated.

2) There wasn't any way to access all of the known information about an alum without combing through extensive pages of site content containing decades of military service details, awards, obituaries, etc.

3) There wasn't a clear way for alumni to get engaged with the organization via the website.

4) Sharing alumni data with alums was only possible by sending someone an Excel spreadsheet.


  • Beautiful, mobile-friendly, modern site

  • Consolidated all known alumni data into a secure searchable database

  • Organization can now easily accept donations and reunion registrations online

  • Alumni who visit the site can easily request access to the database and self-manage their profiles so that information is more easily kept up-to-date

What Clients Say About JourneyCARE...


"Becoming part of the JourneyCare family has opened our eyes to new ways to improve our processes for the future..."

"Our organization was in need of someone who could help us feel more relevant in today’s world – from the outdated website design to our effective but manual outdated processes.

Joy and JourneyCARE helped us easily implement changes and new solutions that allowed some of our dreams come to life while keeping our existing Wild Apricot membership system intact.

We were in need of ways to automate processes like annual renewal forms, response emails, and event attendance reporting so that our members know they are important to us because they receive timely responses and follow-ups. Our existing system couldn’t achieve this for us, but we didn’t have a solution that worked within our small organization’s constraints until we found JourneyCARE.

Joy’s team partnered with us on new integrations and automations to solve our problems. The care we received has been top-notch since Day 1. Joy and her team have made us feel like part of the family - always available to help and answer questions along the way.

Becoming part of the JourneyCare family has opened our eyes to new ways to improve our processes for the future, and we look forward to working with Joy for years to come."

Allison Ellis, Executive Director

Association of Attorney-Mediators


"... went above and beyond our expectations to make sure our JourneyCARE implementation was successful..."

"NAME (The National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts) is 50 years old! And many of our members have been members for most of that time. We were looking for a system to replace a custom made system that has been in use since the latter 1990's. Our internal systems are built to take into consideration that many of our members do not use computers. And our way of handling memberships is far from industry standard.

We were attracted to Journey Care because of the flexibility in setting up the fields and reports, accommodating all of the different things that we track for our members. We were also attracted by the workflows that would do so much automation/notifications for us.

In spite of our very different way of working, Joy had the utmost patience with us and went above and beyond our expectations to make sure that our JourneyCare implementation was successful. From custom forms to custom reporting, she has helped to make the transition as painless as possible.

We do not feel we would have gotten a better experience or a more custom implementation for the cost with any other CRM vendor out there."

Janet Smith

National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts


"... has helped us to strategically plan in advance and avoid many pitfalls we would have found ourselves in."

"ICN interviewed numerous agencies, software companies, and developers to help us build our membership website for 8+ months – with little to no success. Then we met Joy Duling at JourneyCARE!

It has been, and continues to be such a joy to work with her and the JourneyCARE team. Not only does she get the job done, but she isn’t afraid to think outside the traditional box of developing a membership-based website.

The ability for her to process the vision we have before us, has helped us to strategically plan in advance and avoid many pitfalls we would have found ourselves in. She is a true professional, she gets the job done, when she doesn’t know the answer she quickly finds an answer, she teaches us how to do things ourselves, she is available, and she truly cares.

That is why we currently call JourneyCARE a strategic ICN partner and with full confidence, recommend Joy Duling and her team!"

Greg McCoy

International Christian Network


"Both the leadership and members were delighted with the result."

"After 15 years experience with dozens of nonprofits I knew immediately that I was going to need a major resource to meet the challenge of a startup organization with a tiny budget and an even shorter deadline to launch there association management platform. Joy Duling’s JourneyCARE was the answer to my prayers.

She understands the critical importance of focusing on relationships instead of transactions. After discussing our needs and with no time to build a platform from scratch, she helped us assemble an extraordinary core of software apps to meet our needs for a basic website, event management, email marketing and a dedicated member center.

Both the leadership and members were delighted with the result. The organization now has a front page news feed to showcase member accomplishments. Event registration is smooth and handles discounts and contact-less checking effortlessly.

The member-only community center includes a unique, private social network, and allows the board to meet in a private virtual “Boardroom”. The membership pipeline function enables the membership team to provide real-time membership forecasting to the leadership.

All along the way, Joy as been a “Joy” to work with. If your organization is ready to go from “Status Quo to Grow”, I recommend Joy Duling of JourneyCARE."

Jerry Gitchel

President, Leverage Unlimited, Inc.

Former Manager, Jacksonville Business Professionals, Inc.

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