More like a magic wand than a membership software.

JourneyCARE is membership software for associations, trade groups, and nonprofits that makes sure the right things get done every time - easily, consistently, flawlessly.

Have you ever described your current membership software as "magical"?

We actually hear that word quite often around here.

You see, there's a moment that happens for organizations after they switch to using JourneyCARE as their membership software. It's a moment when someone suddenly realizes...

I don't have to chase members for that information anymore...

I'll bet I can do *that* automatically...

I'll never again have to wonder if so-and-so forgot to do x, y, or z.

Members can now get that without anyone sending it to them.

Etc., Etc., Etc.

And, yes, when that moment happens... it ALWAYS feels magical.

Here’s how JourneyCARE makes running your membership so much easier:

All your data in one place

Prospects, members, donors, sponsors, partners, scholarship applicants, award winners, board members, committee members, employees, contractors, volunteers... any membership organization depends on people power.

Getting everyone into one centralized database is an important part of being able to actually DO something with your organization's information.

I'm not talking about an Excel spreadsheet... managing members today requires an actual database, one that holds all the information that's important, makes sure everyone is always working from the latest information, and connects right on into the communication channels that your organization uses to stay in touch.

Member Database and Organization

Important messages will never get lost in someone else's inbox again. A full conversation stream accessible for every contact.

If it's important, send it through JourneyCARE and you'll always have an easy-to-access record of what's been communicated. View opens, clicks, replies for every email.

In addition to email and SMS (text), JourneyCARE integrates with messaging from Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, plus our website chat gadget (also included at no extra charge).

Visibility into ALL communications

Member Engagement and Delight

Unlimited auto-pilot

Member Engagement and Delight


... an onboarding experience that happens flawlessly every time;

... a pre-renewal sequence that gets members excited about what's ahead;

... a re-engagement campaign that reconnects members before they slip away.

With JourneyCARE's workflow builder, you can build those CAREpoints and so much more, with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Member Database and Organization

With other membership software, you're often 'stuck' with how that software requires things to be done. That's never the case with JourneyCARE.

JourneyCARE gives you the flexibility to integrate with thousands of other software products, so that you can deliver exactly the kind of membership experience you prefer.

Plays well with other software, too

Member Engagement and Delight

Keep more of your money

Member Engagement and Delight

Other membership software may charge you extra if you don't use their preferred payment option, or they may take a percentage of your payments.

JourneyCARE does NOT do that. Our built-in methods allow you to offer credit card processing (through Stripe) and PayPal, so that your members can choose which they prefer.

If you want even more flexibility, we have a full ecommerce add-on ($39/month) that allows 50+ different payment methods, so you can mix-and-match other payment methods, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, Pay-by-Mail, Pay-What-You-Want, and many more options.

JourneyCARE lets you customize the ENTIRE member journey because there's a lot that happens in-between joining and renewing.

The truth is that *any* membership software can track due dates and send renewal notices... but ALL the things that make a difference in whether your membership flourishes or flounders happens in-between the transactions.

Which is why we place a heavy focus on member care, giving you the tools you need to:

  • Communicate the way members want to hear from you... using email, phone, or texts
  • Create nurture campaigns... so you can get walk prospective members into having a relationship with you
  • Store your data... so that you have the right information available to personalize the member journey

  • Build your websites and programs... so that you can showcase what you have to offer

  • Deliver events and education... to make gathering and educating easier to do whether that be in-person, online, or a hybrid mix in-between...

  • Handle all of your relationships... because we understand that you interact with many different types of contacts in lots of different ways

JourneyCARE is infinitely expandable, so you can set processes up once, then watch as the magic happens - consistently, flawlessly, and effortlessly... every single time.

Meet the Visionary Behind JourneyCARE™, the best membership software for associations, trade groups, and nonprofits.

There is a real JOY in JourneyCARE: Joy Duling!

It’s my job to help membership-based organizations and associations just like yours run more easily… serving your people from before they join to after they renew, and everywhere in between.

Clients hire me to help them smooth out troublespots, so that members WANT to join, WANT to engage, and WANT to renew.

Since 2005, my team and I have helped clients:

  • build enough value around their membership idea to achieve sustainable annual revenue

  • engage their board and committees in value and member experience conversations

  • launch online communities to expand the reach of their work and create opportunities to serve members in new ways

  • successfully plan and flawlessly execute value-rich industry events

  • implement membership software to make it easier to serve members well

  • re-design and re-message their websites so that the value of membership comes through loud and clear

  • tell their story of value and impact in a way that wins national PR, enviable awards, and grants at every possible level – local, corporate, foundation, state and federal

  • run their entire operations in a lean, virtual manner so that value is easier and less costly to deliver

All that experience has helped us turn JourneyCARE into a tool that works in many different types of everyday situations for associations, trade groups, and membership-based nonprofits... so that running your organization feels a whole lot easier.

Running your membership shouldn't feel difficult!

Explore how JourneyCARE™ membership software can streamline your work and make it easy to attract, engage, and retain more members.

What People Say About Our Fresh Approach

"My first response was 'OMG this is so cool!' This will teach our leaders a BRAND NEW SKILL."

Karin W.

"I wish I had known about this before I signed up for Active Campaign!'"

Cindy S.

"I especially like the conversation/member contact feature to log a history of interactions with members….the paid member access to content…and the triggers feature is really cool."

Bruce B.

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