JourneyCARE Pricing

Make the switch to JourneyCARE in just a few weeks.

One-time set-up: $2750-$7500, depending on scope required

Annual subscription: $97/month or $997/year

Included in every JourneyCARE package:

  • INITIAL STRATEGY + ONGOING ADVISORY SESSIONS... when you choose JourneyCARE as your platform, you get more than just a new website and database. You'll also have access to strategic advice around topics of growth, operational effectiveness, and member experience design. Open office hours occur daily (Monday-Friday). Private advisory sessions can be booked quarterly.
  • DETAILED PRE-PLANNING... so that our team is fully apprised of your preferences, desired improvements, operational practices, and all of the other nitty-gritty details that will help our project be a complete success!
  • EXCEPTIONAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT... you'll never be left wondering who needs to be doing what on your project. We have checklists and strong communication practices to keep you advised of progress every step of the way.
  • 100% CUSTOM DESIGN... no two JourneyCARE set-ups are ever alike. Any elements that we set up for you (like your website, email marketing templates, automated sequences) will be 100% customized to your requirements and have a professional look-and-feel that you'll be proud to show off.
  • ALL OF THE TECHY STUFF HANDLED FLAWLESSLY... rest assured that YOU don't have to be a tech expert. Not only will everything be set up for you, but we'll also walk you through everything that you'll need to know in plain English.
  • CONTENT MIGRATION... if you are replacing a current website with JourneyCARE, our team will move all of your existing content and make it look beautiful on the new platform.
  • HOSTING & SECURITY CERTIFICATE... if you are replacing a current website with JourneyCARE, you'll forever be free of hosting and SSL costs because it's automatically included with your account.
  • CUSTOM LAUNCH MESSAGING... so that it will be easy to migrate your existing members to the new platform.
  • PRIVATE TRAINING FOR YOUR ADMINS... with recordings so that you can easily add new administrators in the future.
  • UNLIMITED ADMINISTRATORS... get as many people engaged in your JourneyCARE account as you'd like. There's no upcharge to add additional administrators.
  • FREE ONGOING SUPPORT... you'll never feel alone if you experience a challenge or want to know how to do something new in JourneyCARE. We have a free Help Library, free Live Chat (7 days a week, 15 hours per day) and free Open Office Hours (Monday-Friday at 10 am Central). There's also a terrific library of past trainings to help you get the most out of your JourneyCARE account.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE... our team is accessible after your launch to make adjustments so that everything feels exactly right!

Growing your membership shouldn't feel difficult!

Explore how JourneyCARE™ can help your organization save time, while serving members flawlessly.

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