JourneyCARE Pricing

$97 per month or $997 per year

Your JourneyCARE subscription includes all the essential features you need to grow your database, consolidate your communications, and automate your membership.


  • Contact Database (one place to store ALL your contacts and members)
  • Custom Fields (unlimited customizable fields for complete flexibility)
  • CAREpoint Workflows (build simple and complex automations with ease)
  • Email Blasts (easily stay in touch and segment messages based on who needs to know what)
  • Dripped/Automated Emails (move beyond transactions and newsletters to purposeful sequences)
  • Website Builder (drag-n-drop simplicity and the ability to create multiple websites in your account)
  • Website Chat (start interacting with website visitors from their first contact)
  • One-Time Payments (add new lines of revenue with ease)
  • Recurring Payments (use for memberships, subscriptions, payment plans, etc.)
  • Gated Content Areas (create a library of login-required memberships, courses, events, etc.)
  • Forms & Surveys (get rid of other costly subscriptions)
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business messages are integrated (manage conversations from one place)
  • Tasks (set up people who are responsible for anything that's manual and send them reminders)
  • iOS & Android App for Admins (easily access your database and reply to messages from your phone)
  • 2-Way Text (SMS) Messaging (communicate with members the way they prefer)
  • In-Bound & Outbound Phone Calling (make/receive calls directly from the JourneyCARE platform)
  • $15/month credit for SMS & Phone Calls

*allows for ~1300 texts per month and/or ~1100 minutes in calls

  • Unlimited Admins with Permission Limitations

Available as Add-Ons (or Separately)

Add E-Commerce ($39/month)

While you can sell one-time items and membership through the core JourneyCARE product...

This module gives you the full-featured power of an e-commerce store with everything that a modern online shopping cart should have! You can have products set up to sell in minutes!

You can also link to or embed this e-commerce module in any website, so it's a great way to add store functionality anywhere you'd like!

Add a Blog ($39/month)

While you can create unlimited webpages and websites through the core JourneyCARE product...

Sometimes you just need a *real* blog. Our blogging add-on takes minutes to set up and has SEO analysis built right in. There are no plugins to maintain, no separate hosting required... and it's so easy to use, you'll be amazed.

You can use this blog module on any website, not just to those created in JourneyCARE, so you're free to publish your member-attractive content anywhere!

Set-Up Options

When you're already juggling so many things, learning a new software platform can feel overwhelming.

It will be MUCH faster and MUCH easier if one of our experienced guides does the set-up for you and then simply trains you on what you need to know to operate the software going forward.

The more powerful and flexible a software is, the more complicated it can feel to set up... but it's NOT complicated to run if it's set up in the right way to support your operational workflow.

A guide helps you avoid any missteps and find the fastest path to what you'd like to achieve for your membership.

Set-up fees vary based on your organization's needs. Please schedule a private consultation and we can chat about options.

Running your membership shouldn't feel difficult!

Explore how JourneyCARE can streamline your work and make it easy to attract, engage, and retain more members.

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