Why JourneyCARE?

If you're a membership leader, you are probably well aware that there are moments in a member's experience where WHAT you do and HOW you do it can make a big difference in how a member feels about their relationship with your organization.

The problem is...

  • Everyone is incredibly busy nowadays.
  • Your organization may depend heavily on a small staff or volunteer committee members who have jobs/lives/competing priorities.
  • What should happen at these key moments isn't always clearly defined, sometimes only happening when someone randomly thinks about it.
  • Committee members change... sometimes, often.
  • Emails get lost in one person's inbox and no one else even knows that something is supposed to happen.

All of this means that, even with the best of intentions, it can feel almost impossible to be as CONSISTENT, ATTENTIVE, RESPONSIVE, AND ENGAGING as you'd like to be.

*That*, my friend, is why JourneyCARE was created.

JourneyCARE lets you design the kind of member experience that SHOULD happen... and then makes sure that it actually does!

The result? Faster joins, more enthusiastic engagement, and renewals without hesitation!

All because YOU were able to deliver a member experience that is more than just a financial transaction. Your organization showed that you cared about each member, understood what they needed to receive from their membership, and then delivered the value that was expected.

"After 15 years experience with dozens of nonprofits I knew immediately that I was going to need a major resource to meet the challenge of a startup organization with a tiny budget and an even shorter deadline to launch there association management platform. Joy Duling’s JourneyCARE was the answer to my prayers.

She understands the critical importance of focusing on relationships instead of transactions. After discussing our needs and with no time to build a platform from scratch, she helped us assemble an extraordinary core of software apps to meet our needs for a basic website, event management, email marketing and a dedicated member center.

Both the leadership and members were delighted with the result. The organization now has a front page news feed to showcase member accomplishments. Event registration is smooth and handles discounts and contact-less checking effortlessly.

The member-only community center includes a unique, private social network, and allows the board to meet in a private virtual “Boardroom”. The membership pipeline function enables the membership team to provide real-time membership forecasting to the leadership.

All along the way, Joy as been a “Joy” to work with. If your organization is ready to go from “Status Quo to Grow”, I recommend Joy Duling of JourneyCARE."

Jerry Gitchel, President

Leverage Unlimited, Inc.

Former manager,

Jacksonville Business Professionals,Inc.

NAME (The National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts) is 50 years old! And many of our members have been members for most of that time. We were looking for a system to replace a custom made system that has been in use since the latter 1990's. Our internal systems are built to take into consideration that many of our members do not use computers. And our way of handling memberships is far from industry standard.

We were attracted to Journey Care because of the flexibility in setting up the fields and reports, accommodating all of the different things that we track for our members. We were also attracted by the workflows that would do so much automation/notifications for us.

In spite of our very different way of working, Joy had the utmost patience with us and went above and beyond our expectations to make sure that our JourneyCare implementation was successful. From custom forms to custom reporting, she has helped to make the transition as painless as possible.

We do not feel we would have gotten a better experience or a more custom implementation for the cost with any other CRM vendor out there.

Janet Smith

National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts

10 Reasons You'll Love JourneyCARE

  • ENVISIONED AND SUPPORTED BY A SMALL TEAM THAT ACTUALLY UNDERSTANDS MEMBERSHIP! Our team has been working behind-the-scenes supporting associations, trade groups, and membership-based nonprofits since 2005. During that time, we've seen a lot of software and we know that every organization is unique. That's why we've emphasized flexibility and we provide personal attention to every organization to help you set up JourneyCARE in the way that is going to ensure your best success!
  • ALL OF YOUR PEOPLE IN ONE DATABASE! If your organization is juggling multiple databases to avoid moving up to a higher pricing tier in your membership software, you will love the fact that JourneyCARE is priced the same whether you have 100 contacts or 100,000 contacts. We WANT you to grow and would NEVER penalize you for it!
  • FLEXIBILITY TO SELL JUST ABOUT ANYTHING, IN THE WAY THAT YOU WANT! Need just a simple buying form? We can do that. Want to bundle membership and an event? No problem. Want to run an e-commerce store with lots of merchandise and options? JourneyCARE has a full-featured e-commerce add-on. Some membership software limits a member to only participating at one membership level. In JourneyCARE, if someone wants to buy twenty different memberships from you, we certainly won't stop them!
  • PROTECTED CONTENT SPACES ARE INCLUDED AND UNLIMITED - USE FOR WEBINARS, COURSES, TRAINING PROGRAMS, ETC! If educational programs are an important part of what your organization does, JourneyCARE has a built-in course builder that is top-notch. Analytics are available so you can see how your course participants are progressing. If other membership software has learning management options, it's often an extra cost. With JourneyCARE, it's automatically included and you can build out as many courses/programs as you'd like.
  • PROTECTED CONTENT SPACES CAN ALSO BE USED FOR LIVE OR VIRTUAL CONFERENCES - GIVE ACCESS TO SLIDES, BIOS, HANDOUTS, REPLAYS! This same approach applies to organizations that create significant content through Conferences or other events. You can put that content in JourneyCARE and make it automatically available to everyone who signs up!
  • CREATE UNLIMITED WEBSITES - AT NO EXTRA COST! If your organization could benefit from having multiple websites - like a main website and a separate site for an annual conference, or special programs, you can do all of them inside of JourneyCARE. There's no limit on the number of sites you can have in your account. There's no charge for hosting or security certificates. It's ALL build right into your JourneyCARE subscription.
  • JAW-DROPPING AUTOMATIONS! In JourneyCARE, your automations aren't just limited to email sequences. You can send text messages, Facebook Messenger messages, automated voicemails, and more! Build out a single step or a hundred steps... the visual CAREpoint builder makes it incredibly easy to take care of members in ways you never imagined would be possible.
  • JOURNEYCARE PLAYS WELL WITH OTHER SOFTWARE! Any software platform that actually tries to do *everything* probably succeeds at doing some things well and other things not so well. That's why JourneyCARE does a lot, but not everything. Instead, we keep our focus on core member care and then we connect easily with other best-in-breed tools so that you'll never feel boxed into functionality that doesn't fit. We can plug in something that does, while easily passing information to/from your JourneyCARE database.
  • YOU CAN OFFER TURNKEY TECH FOR YOUR CHAPTERS & AFFILIATES! If your organization has chapters, you will LOVE the ability that we have in JourneyCARE to instantly replicate an entire account - including the website, funnels, application, all of the automations, email campaigns, etc. This allows a parent organization to provide a turnkey "tech kit" for chapters. You can even turn JourneyCARE into a new revenue stream for your organization if you'd like!
  • WEEKLY TRAINING SERIES ON *HOW* TO USE JOURNEYCARE TO IMPROVE YOUR MEMBER EXPERIENCE! Every week, Joy Duling leads a live "watch-over-my-shoulder" style training on *something* that you can do in your JourneyCARE account that is directly related to a specific CAREpoint in your member experience! These sessions are recorded and stored in The JourneyCARE Passport, which you can access anytime as a JourneyCARE subscriber. Learn simple ways to get members to join more quickly, engage more enthusiastically, and renew without hesitation!

Joy Duling knows firsthand that small can be mighty.

JourneyCARE was created by an approachable leader with 'real world' operational expertise in a small nonprofit membership organization that was created from scratch and grew to $1.3 million in annual revenue.

There is a real JOY in The Joy of Membership and JourneyCARE: Joy Duling!

Joy is not just a consultant or software geek. She has actually walked in the shoes of a nonprofit membership leader, leading in that role for more than a decade.

As an expert in membership operations, Joy understands what it takes to attract, engage, and retain members... and what it takes to be able to serve members with a small team supplemented by a volunteer workforce.

As a JourneyCARE subscriber, you have DIRECT ACCESS to Joy through open office hours and a live training every week, offered at no extra charge.

Running your membership shouldn't feel difficult!

Explore how JourneyCARE™ membership software can streamline your work and make it easy to attract, engage, and retain more members.

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