Make Manual Work Disappear with Automations

Less work while building better experiences for those you serve

Workflow Creation

Create custom automations tailored to your organization's unique processes and objectives. Improve consistency in prospecting, onboarding, engagement, and renewals so that the right things happen at the right time.

Advanced Triggers

Set up triggers based on member interactions, behaviors, or specific events. Automate actions such as sending personalized emails, assigning tasks, or updating member records.

Multi-Channel Automations

Automate communications and interactions across various channels, including email, SMS, social media, and more. Engage with your members wherever they prefer to connect.


Gain insights into the effectiveness of your workflows with advanced analytics and reporting. Track performance metrics, monitor engagement, and refine your automation strategies.


Schedule automation sequences to run at specific times or intervals. Ensure timely and relevant member interactions without manual intervention.

Task Management

Automate task assignments and reminders for your team members. Keep everyone on track and accountable.

Email Marketing

Seamlessly integrate your automations with email marketing campaigns. Automatically send targeted and personalized messages to your members with ease.

Zapier Integration (Invitation Only)

Seamlessly integrate with other tools via Zapier to extend the capabilities of your automations.

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