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Membership Organizations at a Crossroads

Clients typically reach out when they're trying to decide if they stay on their current path with their current technology - or if there's "something out there" that might provide an easier way to reach their growth goals.

Common symptoms include:

1. A sense of falling behind

This is the #1 reason why clients reach out initially. Ugly websites, clunky templates, inadequate functionality are public-facing problems that organizations often feel compelled to solve.

But beyond websites, there are less public-facing symptoms that are felt behind-the-scenes.

2. Feeling like staff and volunteers are always on overload

This includes spending far too much time on manual tasks like membership management, event coordination, or communication efforts. Often the same people get stuck with the work because they are the only ones who know how to do it and no one else is willing to take on the tasks.

3. No real visibility into what's happening

When there's no single place to see everything the organization knows about its people, the overall experience with your organization becomes disjointed, less personalized, and far less effective.

4. Growth is a goal, but no one seems to have the time

Manual processes that once worked often break down as you add more people into the mix. Doing more outreach and more engagement may feel impossible with existing resources.

"We were in need of ways to automate processes like annual renewal forms, response emails, and event attendance reporting so that our members know they are important to us because they receive timely responses and follow-ups. Our existing system couldn’t achieve this for us, but we didn’t have a solution that worked within our small organization’s constraints until we found JourneyCARE.

Joy’s team partnered with us on new integrations and automations to solve our problems. The care we received has been top-notch since Day 1. Joy and her team have made us feel like part of the family - always available to help and answer questions along the way.

Becoming part of the JourneyCare family has opened our eyes to new ways to improve our processes for the future, and we look forward to working with Joy for years to come."

Allison Ellis, Executive Director

Association of Attorney-Mediators

Client Awesomeness

Our clients are associations, industry trade groups, professional societies, alumni associations, and other membership-based organizations - from diverse industries and around the globe.

  • American Association for Employment in Education

  • American Therapeutic Recreation Association

  • Association of Attorney-Mediators

  • Chicago Area Business Aviation Association

  • Chicago Automobile Trade Association

  • Civic Commons

  • Coaching Supervision Academy

  • Crystal Mountain Founders Club

  • Danish American Heritage Society

  • Danish Sisterhood

  • Delaware Veterinary Medical Association

  • Foot and Nail Institute

  • Illinois Association of Medicaid Health Plans

  • Imprint Peer Groups

  • International Christian Network

  • Information Systems Security Association - Chicago Chapter

  • Jacksonville Business Professionals

  • Lemont Junior Woman's Club

  • Maryland Veterinary Medical Association

  • Minnesota CattleWomen

  • Minority Health Engagement Association

  • National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts

  • National Association of Park Foundations

  • National Foundation for Danish America

  • Nonprofit Collective Foundation

  • Oklahoma Society for Psychoanalytic Studies

  • PORTA 202 School District

  • Rebild USA

  • RN Faces

  • South African Council for Business Women

  • The Bridge Health Advocates

  • The Nonprofit Cooperative

  • The Orchid Digest

  • Tile Contractors' Association of America

  • UT NROTC Alumni Foundation at The University of Texas

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