How to boost revenue growth

JourneyCARE® makes it easier to build -new- channels of revenue.

Bringing Big Ideas to Reality (and Revenue)

Here are just a few of the things YOU can do with JourneyCARE...


Sell a Subscription

With JourneyCARE, you aren't limited to selling just membership. You can offer almost anything you'd like in subscription format. Sell subscriptions to your journal or a special bundle of benefits. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


Sell Partner Pages

Partners are always looking for new ways to connect with potential customers. JourneyCARE offers a unique feature that allows you to automatically create full dynamic website pages when they sign up with NO work by you!


Sell a Physical Product

JourneyCARE comes with a full e-commerce system built-in, so you can sell T-shirts, bumper stickers, recipe books, journal issues, etc. You'll have everything you need to offer the product for sale, track inventory, collect sales tax, etc.


Sell a Digital Product

JourneyCARE comes with a full e-commerce system built-in, so you can sell T-shirts, bumper stickers, recipe books, etc. You'll have everything you need to offer the product for sale, track inventory, collect sales tax, etc.


Sell Event Tickets

Events are commonly used as a revenue generator for organizations, but most of the popular event ticketing solutions will take a percentage of your ticket price. With JourneyCARE, you'll never pay more than your normal credit card processing fees. For organizations that sell a lot of events, this can add up to a substantial amount!


Sell a Certification

Are you the go-to resource in your industry? Package that expertise into a course or certification program and sell it. JourneyCARE's built-in course builder lets you build single courses or bundles. You can offer members a discounted rate, or require membership in order to participate. Not only can this boost the relevancy and value of your membership, it's also a revenue generator.


Sell Tech Kits

If your members, or chapters, struggle with their own technology, you can offer a tech kit specifically designed to meet their needs using the JourneyCARE platform. Our team partners with associations to create these kits that are exclusive available through their membership.


Sell Services

Ever think about offering consulting services, a speaker's bureau, or a member marketplace? You can easily build out all sorts of payment pages with JourneyCARE, collect revenue and track your sales.

Client Case Study:
Foot & Nail Institute (FNI)

Foot & Nail Institute (FNI) is a member-based organization that supports nurses who are transitioning out of traditional nursing jobs to instead run their own footcare practices. FNI currently offers a suite of online and in-person trainings, a peer community, and other business-building supports.

The Challenge

Before being referred to JourneyCARE, FNI was struggling to find the right technical solution to bring the organization's vision to reality. The popular online learning platform that had been recommended by a web developer was limited to hosting only courses which meant that everything that the organization wanted to do would need to be cobbled together across multiple software platforms.

FNI wanted a more robust platform that could not only help with the immediate course need, but also support their plans for the future.

The JourneyCARE Solution

  • An Initial Program Ready-to-Sell Quickly
    JourneyCARE's course builder was intuitive to set up and housed FNI's two initial courses perfectly - with videos, handouts, assessments, and all the necessary automations to make the member experience smooth. The organization shifted from having no idea when their project would ever be launched to being live within just a couple of weeks.

  • Adding Tech Kits for Members
    After seeing how easy JourneyCARE made operations, FNI's Founder asked about getting "Tech Kits" created for members. She envisioned being able to provide FNI students with a website template, emails, and automations to make getting their businesses up and running easier. Again, JourneyCARE was able to support this idea, allowing members to get their online presence and marketing launched quickly.

  • Expansion into On-Site Trainings
    With every new idea, launching has mostly involved just creating new website pages to explain the offer, then adding a payment form and the necessary automations for what happens after payments are submitted. FNI has been able to easily offer a member retreat and other live learning opportunities.

  • Offering Affiliate Opportunities
    FNI has also been able to use JourneyCARE to suButtonpport professional advancement of program participants into the role of Authorized Affiliates, enabling them to become instructors in their own area. JourneyCARE has automated the sign-up and agreement process, eliminating manual work for FNI.

  • Supporting Online Ads
    When FNI began marketing to nurses via social channels like Facebook and TikTok, JourneyCARE's built-in attribution and reporting features were especially useful. It was easy to see which ads were driving traffic and growing revenue.

Growth doesn't need to feel difficult!

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