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Automatically Show Donor-Attractive Content

JourneyCARE sites aren't just beautiful. They can also dynamically display different content to different types of site visitors. First time visitors can see one thing, while returning visitors see another. Visitors from Chicago can get a message about a local meet-up, while visitors from San Francisco don't. You'll also have private login areas, as well as a full-featured course builder to use for continuing education.


Automatically Track Opportunities

Still tracking donors with a spreadsheet? With an unlimited database, built-in sales pipeline tracking, customizable contact forms, and a plethora of customizable automations, there's no reason to ever miss following up with a potential donor again! You'll be able to know exactly who has given and who hasn't, so that follow-up can happen - either automatically or by a team member/volunteer.


Automatically Engage Your Leaders in Growth Actions

Have a board member in certain town? Set up a JourneyCARE notification to send them an email when there's a new donor from that town. Got a member who is interested in helping with donor recruitment? Automatically drop a notification to the committee chair. JourneyCARE's automation builder is super flexible, giving you lots of opportunities to engage others in your work without requiring them to be techy or have access to your software.


Automatically Follow-Up on Incoming Emails and Texts

Do you ever wonder if someone has followed up on a donor inquiry that came in through your website? ... or been concerned that an email has gotten lost in a board member's spam filter? With JourneyCARE, all messages out-and-in are captured for full transparency and more consistent follow-up.


Automatically Follow-Up on Social Messages

Do you talk about giving opportunities on your social channels? Bring all of your donor outreach into one easy-to-access place. JourneyCARE's social integration lets you respond to messages, plan posts, and take full advantage of the power of social media to reach more donors. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and GoogleMy Business are connected now with more to come.


Automatically Make It Easy to Give

People are more likely to donate when they can pay with the method they prefer. With JourneyCARE, you can connect with 100+ payment processors and your donors never have to be limited to only one option. Handle one-time donations or recurring gifts.


Automatically Welcome Donors Warmly

With JourneyCARE's automation builder, you can create a fully customized donor thank you process that is built around their specific giving history. This not only creates a 'wow' experience; it also connects a new donor with your mission more quickly.


Automatically Reengage with Past Donors

Did you know that JourneyCARE's automation builder can also identify your most engaged givers and those who are fading away. It can, based on the criteria you specify! You'll be able to easily track donor engagement scores and automatically take action.


Automatically Personalize the Donor Journey

Collect interests and gather feedback. Use custom fields, tags, and smart lists to keep everything organized and easily use these details to customize your communications.


Automatically Collect and Share Successes

JourneyCARE makes it easy to collect testimonials about the power of your work. Once you've collected an impact story, you can easily distribute that story via your website using the blog feature, on social using the social posting feature, or via email using the email builder.


Automatically Offer Mission Education

JourneyCARE's built-in course builder would allow you to create a wonderful orientation program for new donors. Include videos, annual reports, and other items that you think will be of interest. It's all possible!


Automatically Reward Donor Loyalty

Using the same sort of automations that track member engagement, you can also built automations to recognize donor engagement. Build in milestone thank you messages and gratitude experiences as part of a compelling donor program.

Client Case Study:
National Foundation for Danish America

The National Foundation for Danish America (NFDA) exists to connect individuals with Danish heritage and increase support for Danish American organizations.

The Challenge

Though NFDA's founding board knew individuals were “out there” who would share the organization's passion and mission, they needed the right tools to reach them. Specifically, they wanted to increase visibility, communicate easily, offer events, and engage potential donors.

The JourneyCARE Solution

  • A database that encourages list growth
    NFDA transitioned from a platform which charged more as list size grew which meant that technology costs were taking an ever-increasing chunk of the funds donated. JourneyCARE's unlimited database gave the organization room to grow without seeing the costs rise.

    *At listed pricing on their old platform, NFDA would now be paying $5,280/year, which means that are saving thousands each year with JourneyCARE.

  • Easy-to-edit website
    One of the biggest requirements for NFDA was a website that could be very easily edited by board members who were volunteers for the organization. With the amount of information that was being aggregated and how dynamic the content would be on the site, it would not have been sustainable for NFDA to return to a webmaster every time they needed a change. JourneyCARE made it possible to have both a beautiful website while being super easy to edit.

  • Multiple ways to accept donations
    With about a dozen different ways to collect money from potential donors, NFDA is able to quickly set up unique donation opportunities. One such example is "Hike for Danish America" in which the NFDA president hiked the 500-mile Colorado Trail while JourneyCARE collected pledges along the way.

  • Flexible data sharing
    A unique aspect of NFDA's approach is that they are often raising money for other nonprofits. This is a challenge in many software platforms, but JourneyCARE's unique account structure allows for data and payments to be kept separate when necessary and shared when desirable.

  • Easy ways to communicate
    Beyond just sending out email blasts, like NFDA's extensive weekly newsletter, JourneyCARE also makes it possible for the organization to receive email replies directly inside the platform. This allows the NFDA team to ensure that current and potential donors always get a reply and no messages ever get lost in someone's inbox.

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