Deliver personalized attention to members from first contact through renewal - consistently, easily, flawlessly.

Any membership software on the market today will let you sign up members and send renewal reminders. Those are simple transactions.

But the secret to membership growth is what happens *in-between* the transactions.

Let's sprinkle a little JOY into your membership.

With JourneyCARE™ from The Joy of Membership, your members will:

Sign up faster and more easily, so all you have to do is get them interested in the first place

Stay longer, which means you’ll spend less time chasing new members to fill the spaces left by the ones who are no longer with you

Renew more frequently, increasing your average lifetime value of each and every member you sign up

Refer more readily, so you put your membership base to work for you as your advocates

PLUS you will be able to do all of this practically on autopilot… leaving you more time to focus on running your membership and all its facets, instead of running in circles trying to keep up with your members’ needs (or risk losing them when you’re not giving them the experience they want.)

Here’s how it works:

Capture your contacts

Every organization is comprised of people - prospects, members, donors, sponsors, and other stakeholder who are important to your current work and to your growth in the future.

But if you don’t have a central place for all of the information to live (and we’re not talking about Excel spreadsheets that get passed around)... then you really can't be certain that the right people have the right information to do the best job possible for members.

That’s why JourneyCARE is designed to help you capture the information in a way that you can actually DO something with it... which leads to your contacts being more active, engaged and excited about their involvement in your organization.

Member Database and Organization

Keeping track of your active vs. inactive members, their interest areas, their membership level, their benefits… all of it can be overwhelming and difficult to keep track of if it’s not in one centralized location.

Even if you've successfully gathered all the information into one place, updates are often manual and clunky, leaving you to do more work than necessary to make your system work together.

With JourneyCARE, you don’t have to worry about whether one part of your organization talks to another - it all connects into one infinitely expandable database.

Customize your database

Member Engagement and Delight

The biggest key to keeping members longer is to get them involved - and keep them that way. And with JourneyCARE, you can do that with a simple click of a button.

But what’s more, your program will come pre-loaded with automation capabilities which allow you to respond with the kind of consistency and responsiveness that you've never even dreamed was possible.

Automate your CAREpoints

JourneyCARE™ is More Than Software… it’s what you’re able to do with it.

The crux of the matter is that *any* membership software can track due dates and send renewal notices... but ALL the things that make a difference in whether your membership flourishes or flounders happens in-between the transactions.

Which is why JourneyCARE focuses on member care. It’s gives you what you need to do:

  • List building landing pages (so that you can quickly identify who is interested in what your organization offers)...
  • New member onboarding (to get them engaged quickly so they get value immediately)...
  • Lapsed member win-back campaigns (because one of the easiest people to sell to is someone that’s bought from you before)...
  • Interest surveys to help you gauge where your members will see the most value (so you can give it to them)..

  • Holiday and Milestone campaigns to help you keep front-of-mind throughout the entire year

  • Event campaigns and sequences to improve attendance and revenue from non-dues activities…

  • Member renewal campaigns to keep them with you every single time their membership is due to expire…

And many, many, MANY more automations that can be built!

No installations, no heavy lifting. Just click, customize and save - then watch your exceptional member experience being delivered consistently, flawlessly, and effortlessly.

Meet the Visionary Behind JourneyCARE™

There is a real JOY in JourneyCARE: Joy Duling!

It’s my job to help membership-based organizations and associations just like yours create incredible member experiences… from before they join to after they renew, and everywhere in between. Clients hire me to help them deliver high value member experiences, so that members WANT to join, WANT to engage, and WANT to renew.

Since 2005, my team and I have helped clients:

  • build enough value around their membership idea to achieve sustainable annual revenue

  • engage their board and committees in value and member experience conversations

  • launch online communities to expand the reach of their work and create opportunities to serve members in new ways

  • successfully plan and flawlessly execute value-rich industry events

  • implement membership software to make it easier to serve members well

  • re-design and re-message their websites so that the value of membership comes through loud and clear

  • tell their story of value and impact in a way that wins national PR, enviable awards, and grants at every possible level – local, corporate, foundation, state and federal

  • run their entire operations in a lean, virtual manner so that value is easier and less costly to deliver

And now, I’m bringing all that expertise directly to YOUR systems and YOUR processes to help YOU make running your membership even easier.

Running your membership shouldn't feel difficult!

Explore how JourneyCARE can streamline your work and make it easy to attract, engage, and retain more members.

What People Say About Our Fresh Approach

"My first response was 'OMG this is so cool!' This will teach our leaders a BRAND NEW SKILL."

Karin W.

"I wish I had known about this before I signed up for Active Campaign!'"

Cindy S.

"I especially like the conversation/member contact feature to log a history of interactions with members….the paid member access to content…and the triggers feature is really cool."

Bruce B.

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