Gather Input with Forms & Surveys

Connect data to where you can use it... in the Contact's record

Unlimited Form Creation

Design and create custom forms and surveys tailored to your association's needs. Choose from a variety of question types, add branding elements, and make them visually appealing.

Contact Integration

Form responses automatically get integrated into a contact's record so that you can use the data to create segmented lists and personalize your communication.

Anonymous Option

Need to collect responses without sending data into contact records? We have an alternative option that allows you to do exactly that. Perfect for anonymous event surveys, blind research, etc.

Track Submissions

Track form submissions, gather member feedback, and make data-driven decisions. Easily export to Excel.


EEnsure a seamless experience for members on any device. JourneyCARE's forms and surveys are mobile-optimized, making it easy for members to participate from their smartphones or tablets.

Smart Logic

Create forms that adapt to responses, thanks to built-in logic, ensuring a personalized and seamless experience

Connect to Automations

Seamlessly integrate form and survey data with automation workflows. Trigger actions, follow-ups, or updates based on form responses. Get notified of submissions so you can be responsive to input.

Use Forms Anywhere

Easily embed forms and surveys on any website, share a link via email, or post a link on social media to maximize participation and data collection.

Growth doesn't need to feel difficult!

Explore how JourneyCARE® helps you save time and serve people flawlessly.

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