Success Stories

Clients love our websites, but they love what they can -do- with JourneyCARE even more.

The Challenge

  • Outdated Wild Apricot site

  • Constantly cutting people out of database to avoid increasing costs

  • Too many time-consuming manual processes

  • Disconnected data because important forms didn't actually put data into a contact's record

Successful Results

  • New website showcases the organization's professionalism

  • Members can easily join and renew online

  • Follow-up is possible with all prospective members, donors, sponsors, etc. without worrying about increased cost

  • Forms put information exactly where it's needed for taking action

  • Automations have reduced admin support costs

The Challenge

  • Difficult for stakeholders to find Conference details that were scattered across main website

  • LOTS of moving parts to track

  • Almost all Conference communication were manually created one-by-one

  • Juggling many different lists collected in disconnected forms/platforms - sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, registrants, etc.

Successful Results

  • Organization's largest event is now beautifully showcased

  • No manual work tracking sponsors, attendees, speakers, etc

  • All data is in one place no matter what type of stakeholder

  • Key messages go out automatically at exactly the right time which has dramatically decreased the number of questions that staff have to field from sponsors, exhibitors, members, etc.

The Challenge

  • Organization needed a post-COVID reboot

  • Old WordPress theme was difficult to edit and not mobile-friendly

  • Members are all over the globe, sometimes in areas where internet is not strong

  • Eventbrite was taking a percentage of every paid event registration

Successful Results

  • The new site is gorgeous and available as a PWA (Progressive Web App) which allows growth even in countries that don't have great internet coverage

  • Eventbrite fees completely eliminated

  • Member sign-ups, donations, and sponsorships are handled with all of the appropriate automations to make serving a global audience easy

The Challenge

  • Organization's operations were 100% paper-based, but needed to reach an online audience

  • Completely starting from scratch with no website, no online joining process, no online member access

Successful Results

  • New members can easily join on the new site

  • About 30% of members have chosen to switch to online payments in the first renewal cycle since launch, number is expected to grow each year

  • Member-only resources being available online increased perception of value

  • Lodge communication is captured inside JourneyCARE instead of scattered across multiple Gmail inboxes

The national organization was so impressed with what was happening for this individual lodge that they recently migrated to JourneyCARE as well.

The Challenge

  • Organization's membership model was based on content-delivery to members, but the Wild Apricot platform lacked modern features necessary to make this possible

  • Costs would increase substantially with anticipated growth

  • Wild Apricot's directory was ugly and unimpressive to partners

Successful Results

  • The new site feels completely different - fresh, modern and content rich

  • Dynamic pages showcase partners in a far more appealing way

  • Unlimited growth potential at no extra cost

  • Nurture sequences for prospects and onboarding sequences for members and partners provide a terrific first impression

The Challenge

  • Membership is growing and old Weebly site wasn't attractive or functioning well

  • Too much manual work keeping the member directory up-to-date

  • A heavier emphasis on training was planned, but there was no easy way to charge for webinars and grant access

Successful Results

  • New site is modern and easy to navigate

  • Flexible signup options encourage joining with automations built-in so there's no extra work created for administrators

  • Organization can now expand their online educational programs as a value-add for current members, or to raise new revenue

The Challenge

  • Needed a way to easily aggregate and organize an ever-growing collection of resources related to Danish American organizations and events

  • Everything that the Foundation offers is provided for free, with no paid memberships, so allowing growth without escalating costs was essential

Successful Results

  • Newsletter subscribers have grown quickly from 0 to nearly 3,000 in a very niche topic area

  • The event calendar function works so well that other Danish American organizations (museums, social clubs, conferences, etc.) now rely on it to market their events

  • The platform has already served as the online home for a variety of fundraisers, conferences, and more.

The Challenge

  • Organization required a highly customized set of automations to help program participants move through specific levels of engagement

  • Needed to allow organizations to sign up, then allow each organization to make individual memberships available to their associated community

Successful Results

  • Everything in place to allow the program to run "hands-free" which allows the focus of leadership to be on marketing and growth

  • The process of signing up organizations and their associated individuals is completely automated

  • Won 2nd place at the Indianapolis Civic Hackathon

The Challenge

  • Recently redesigned Wild Apricot site still had functionality limitations

  • Huge manual effort required for annual paperwork process associated with group insurance

  • Certificates for continuing education credit were being manually created/emailed which was painfully time-consuming

Successful Results

  • Collection of required data, tracking and reminders is now completely automated

  • Leadership has been able to leverage JourneyCARE to fill other Wild Apricot gaps such as interest surveys, elections, course evaluations and more

  • Continuing education surveys are automated for both live events and on-demand remote trainings

What Clients Say About JourneyCARE...


"Becoming part of the JourneyCare family has opened our eyes to new ways to improve our processes for the future..."

"Our organization was in need of someone who could help us feel more relevant in today’s world – from the outdated website design to our effective but manual outdated processes.

Joy and JourneyCARE helped us easily implement changes and new solutions that allowed some of our dreams come to life while keeping our existing Wild Apricot membership system intact.

We were in need of ways to automate processes like annual renewal forms, response emails, and event attendance reporting so that our members know they are important to us because they receive timely responses and follow-ups. Our existing system couldn’t achieve this for us, but we didn’t have a solution that worked within our small organization’s constraints until we found JourneyCARE.

Joy’s team partnered with us on new integrations and automations to solve our problems. The care we received has been top-notch since Day 1. Joy and her team have made us feel like part of the family - always available to help and answer questions along the way.

Becoming part of the JourneyCare family has opened our eyes to new ways to improve our processes for the future, and we look forward to working with Joy for years to come."

Allison Ellis, Executive Director

Association of Attorney-Mediators


"... went above and beyond our expectations to make sure our JourneyCARE implementation was successful..."

"NAME (The National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts) is 50 years old! And many of our members have been members for most of that time. We were looking for a system to replace a custom made system that has been in use since the latter 1990's. Our internal systems are built to take into consideration that many of our members do not use computers. And our way of handling memberships is far from industry standard.

We were attracted to Journey Care because of the flexibility in setting up the fields and reports, accommodating all of the different things that we track for our members. We were also attracted by the workflows that would do so much automation/notifications for us.

In spite of our very different way of working, Joy had the utmost patience with us and went above and beyond our expectations to make sure that our JourneyCare implementation was successful. From custom forms to custom reporting, she has helped to make the transition as painless as possible.

We do not feel we would have gotten a better experience or a more custom implementation for the cost with any other CRM vendor out there."

Janet Smith

National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts


"... has helped us to strategically plan in advance and avoid many pitfalls we would have found ourselves in."

"ICN interviewed numerous agencies, software companies, and developers to help us build our membership website for 8+ months – with little to no success. Then we met Joy Duling at JourneyCARE!

It has been, and continues to be such a joy to work with her and the JourneyCARE team. Not only does she get the job done, but she isn’t afraid to think outside the traditional box of developing a membership-based website.

The ability for her to process the vision we have before us, has helped us to strategically plan in advance and avoid many pitfalls we would have found ourselves in. She is a true professional, she gets the job done, when she doesn’t know the answer she quickly finds an answer, she teaches us how to do things ourselves, she is available, and she truly cares.

That is why we currently call JourneyCARE a strategic ICN partner and with full confidence, recommend Joy Duling and her team!"

Greg McCoy

International Christian Network


"Both the leadership and members were delighted with the result."

"After 15 years experience with dozens of nonprofits I knew immediately that I was going to need a major resource to meet the challenge of a startup organization with a tiny budget and an even shorter deadline to launch their association management platform. Joy Duling’s JourneyCARE was the answer to my prayers.

She understands the critical importance of focusing on relationships instead of transactions. After discussing our needs and with no time to build a platform from scratch, she helped us assemble an extraordinary core of software apps to meet our needs for a basic website, event management, email marketing and a dedicated member center.

Both the leadership and members were delighted with the result. The organization now has a front page news feed to showcase member accomplishments. Event registration is smooth and handles discounts and contact-less checking effortlessly.

The member-only community center includes a unique, private social network, and allows the board to meet in a private virtual “Boardroom”. The membership pipeline function enables the membership team to provide real-time membership forecasting to the leadership.

All along the way, Joy as been a “Joy” to work with. If your organization is ready to go from “Status Quo to Grow”, I recommend Joy Duling of JourneyCARE."

Jerry Gitchel

President, Leverage Unlimited, Inc.

Former Manager, Jacksonville Business Professionals, Inc.

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