Nurture Relationships with Personalized Mail

Design and automatically send postcards, letters, and bifold mailers

*Currently sending to US and Canadian addresses only

* Video of this feature is coming soon!

Unlimited Mailings

Plan and execute direct mail campaigns with ease. Design postcards, letters, and other mailers to engage with your audience effectively.

Easy to Design

Choose from professional templates, design your own, or upload files from your designer.

Top Quality Printing

Hit "send" and your mail piece will be sent immediately to one of our professional print partners and then delivered to the USPS for sending within 2 business days.

Pay-As-You-Go with No Minimums

Whether you need to send a single piece or thousands, JourneyCARE has you covered

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Include in Automations

Create direct mail campaigns in advance and set up automation triggers based on member interactions. Send timely and relevant mailers effortlessly.

Delivery Tracking at No Extra Cost

Know exactly who takes action from your mailer with unique individual tracking.

Analytics and Reporting

Gain insights into the performance of your direct mail campaigns with advanced analytics and reporting. Track response rates and measure the effectiveness of your mailers.

Address Validation

Verify and correct addresses to ensure mail delivery accuracy and minimize returned mail.

Pay per piece when you send

One flat-rate price includes paper, printing, postage and tracking.

Send one single item, or send thousands.

Pre-purchasing credits allows you to benefit from higher tier savings, even if you are sending in small batches.

Growing your organization shouldn't feel difficult!

Explore how JourneyCARE® can help you beautifully showcase what you do, while you save time and serve your people flawlessly.

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