See What JourneyCARE Can Do

The 20-Minute Tour (just click play)

Watch for these features:

  • (0:24) Dashboard & Navigation - access key info quickly
  • (2:28) Conversations - EVERYONE communicates in one place
  • (3:57) Contacts - see EVERYTHING that has happened with a contact
  • (4:40) The Journey - at-a-glance see who is in which stage
  • (7:00) Workflows - where the "magic" of automation happens
  • (11:30) Email Marketing - comparable to Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.
  • (12:00) Form Builder & Survey Builder - results are automatically attached to a contact's record; export results easily for reviewing
  • (13:30) Website & Funnel Builder - build your entire website, or mini-sites for events, special programs, etc.
  • (14:00) Membership & Courses - protect your content in a variety of ways
  • (18:20) How to Access Help - an extensive library and open office hours are always available

Running your membership shouldn't feel difficult!

Explore how JourneyCARE can streamline your work and make it easy to attract, engage, and retain more members.

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